About Us

Logical Sites, Inc. ("LSI") publishes destination websites designed to provide consumers a comprehensive travel portal through which they can easily navigate lodging, attractions, and other information about the area. Some of the web site portals we own and/or operate are:


LSI's predecessor company TravelQuest began its venture into Internet publishing in 1996 when travel information and planning tools were not yet widely available on the Internet. Since then, LSI has grown with the Internet, employing technologies to effectively disseminate the information and tools necessary to create a unique online experience for our consumers.

What makes us unique and separates us from the others?

  • Less is more - if you retain us, we think you should let us do a small amount of work for you, convince yourself that is was worthwhile, and then do more. We also steer you away from unnecessary expenses.
  • No selling - we never try to talk you into spending money, or talk you into anything else for that matter. We just put forth the options as we see them, make a recommendation and then you decide. We also don't "upsell". Are you tired of vendors who see their relationship with you as an avenue to constantly try to sell your more services? So are we.
  • Complete honesty - our clients know that we recommend what is best for them, not what makes us the most money. We have clients who have moved their hosting and web-design away from us to companies that specialize in providing that service for their particular industry. These former clients now use us as consultants so that their new vendor doesn't sell them services they don't need or that they could better and cheaper elsewhere.

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