Our Staff

The quality of the people you will work with matters. Our staff is well-educated, well-rounded and have experiences from a wide variety of fields of business.

Bobbi Lindaman - Office Manager
Bobbi has a B.A. in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from Truman State University. Bobbi is originally from Willow Springs, MO, and truly enjoys helping clients with their business internet needs. Our clients have to come rely on her quite heavily during the 10+ years she has worked for us.

Ian LeBlanc - Senior Technologist
Ian originally hails from Canada and holds an A.Sc. degree in Electronics. Ian has 20 years full-time experience programming in PHP. We program in PHP because it is the best language for what we do for our clients and has the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Ian is also responsible for keeping our web servers up and healthy.

Thomas Rask - Principal & Owner

Tom received his B.Sc in Material Science from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. He has worked and lived in five countries and worked in three different industries (magnetic recording research, offshore oil industry, internet).

Tom has been using e-mail since 1984 and has been publishing destination websites and assisting clients with their internet efforts since 1996. He often recommends that clients not do certain things because those things won't pay off.


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