Our Services

While it's the consumer experience that drives Logical Sites' design and development goals, it is our clients that help transform our destination sites into true one-stop portals for all consumer travel and relocation needs.

Logical Sites provides superior service in the following areas (but only to clients who advertise on our websites):

  • Advertiser listings on our destination websites
  • Domain name hosting
  • Secure certificates
  • Website design and website updates
  • Online lodging availability system displaying availability for hotels/motels
  • Real estate listings administration - selfmanage and maintain property and real estate listings.

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU VIEW SOME OF OUR WORK: website design and changes to client websites provide 3% of our revenue per year. We do this kind of work because our clients want us to. They know that we know how to make effective websites, because our own portals have to be effective. Our clients know that they don't have to ask twice to have a change done to their website. They know that we are honest.

Having said all that, if you want to have somebody else make you a website, that is up to you. We will never try to talk you into or convince you that we should make your website.

Here are several sample websites which showcase our broad range of services. All websites we make are customized to meet our clients needs, so if you don't like what you see, don't worry, because we can make anything that you want:

Professional Services

More sample sites are available by visiting any of our destination websites. If you point us to a website that you like conceptually and/or structurally, we can imitate it while changing things like colors, fonts and pictures. Giving us some ideas of what you want and want to accomplish leads you to the most cost efficient way of realizing your internet program.